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When Do Babies Begin Walking?

When Do Babies Begin Walking?

By In Baby

Are you looking for a new baby stroller in Malaysia? Shopping for baby strollers is fun and exciting, but take note that soon, you wouldn’t need that anymore. You wouldn’t need fancy tools to help your baby start walking. Here are some tips that will help you encourage your child to walk.

  • Let your baby go barefoot. 

At this day and age, baby fashion is already a priority for many parents. Of course, you would want to take video of your baby’s first few steps. However, it’s essential to let your kid go barefoot on this milestone. Let her use her to toes to balance well. 

  • Don’t spend too much time holding and carrying your baby.

We all love carrying and cuddling our babies, though spending a lot of time holding them is one of the many reasons for delayed walking. If not given the chance, they wouldn’t be motivated to make the move. 

  • Skip the baby walker

At some point, you would feel the need to use a baby walker. While these accessories are popular with parents, they can actually slow down your baby’s walking process. Baby walkers keep children in a seated position, with their hips flexed, and utilizing lower legs to move the baby walker forward. This is not a natural walking position. 

  • Lessen the time your baby spends in an activity saucer or playpen.

Activity saucers and baby playpens are not helping with the development of baby movement skills. If your kid is confined to an activity saucer or playpen, there wouldn’t be enough room or opportunity to stretch out, crawl, stand up and roll over. 

  • Introduce push toys. 

Once your baby is crushing along furniture pieces, and standing upright, push toys can help him or her walk with support. Some push toys can have their wheels adjusted, so they can move more slowly while the kid is going through the learning process.