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5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Free Website Hosting Providers

5 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Free Website Hosting Providers

By In Web Hosting
  • No Support and No Customization

Are you looking for the best website hosting services in Malaysia? Instead of considering a free hosting service, just settle for affordable, quality options. Free website hosting usually limits people’s options when it comes to the designs of web pages. Moreover, it provides limited capacity of the plugins. Basically, you are on your own.

  • Limited Storage and Bandwidth 

Free web hosting service users wait for ages for their files to upload. The same exact thing goes for storage spaces. It’s limited, and at the same time, your web host can delete your content if he or she wishes to. These kinds of services are the worst choices for those people looking for improvements in their websites. 

  • Not Reliable

A free website hosting provider can close the business anytime he or she wants to. Let’s say you are on a free hosting platform. Every aspect of your blogging routine is working well. You are writing compelling web content, putting in countless hours on your optimization and strategy. You are also building amazing relationships within your community. 

Then, all of sudden, the website host suddenly tells you that he or she is closing the business. What happens now? Will you be given enough time to transfer your data, and redirect your backlinks to a new platform? 

  • Ad Placements Without Permission

Sure, it’s possible for you to set up a website on a free server. You don’t even need to pay for maintenance. However, you wouldn’t have control over the ads that will appear on your web page. Free website hosting providers would place all of those without any permission. This would compromise the entire website. 

  • You Don’t Really Own Your Website

This is the biggest deal breaker in getting free web hosting services. If you would read all the terms and conditions carefully, you will find out that you don’t own your website legally. You can’t take ownership of the space.